A parent’s love


Our Son,

We are so happy when you were born because for 8 years we prayed for you, there was even a time that we thought we can never have you.

So just imagine what we felt when we first saw that second line on that little pregnancy test, how much we eagerly waited for that first doctor’s appointment so we can hear your heartbeat, how much your Dad worried about you and me whenever I feel so sick only to find out it is nothing but normal for me to feel that way because you are growing inside of me, how scared and nervous I was for you when I was in labor for hours because something might go wrong with you.

How relieved I was when I first heard you cry and how overwhelmed I was with joy when I first held you, how amazed your father was when he first saw you on that little crib behind that glass wall, how he worried about us because he wasn’t there at all.

I can never forget the look on his face when he saw you for the first time, how scared he was when he first held you in his arms, how he lovingly takes care of you and pacify you when you cry at night so that I can sleep tight.

How heartbroken I was when it’s time for me to say goodbye, how hard I cried in the plane on my way back to Dubai, how I prayed hard for God to help me get by.

I pray you will understand that we do this for you, for us. That we will work hard so that we can bring you here and we can be together on the soonest possible time, but for now let us tell you how much we love you and how much God loves you more than we do.

We will protect you but He already saved you.

We will always be here for you but He will never leave you nor forsake you.

We are here to guide you but He will lead you.

We prayed for you but He was the one who created you.

We will provide for you but He will be the bread of life for you.

We love you and we know that He loves you more than we can do.

Son, know that we can never outlove Him because He is love and love can never be Him.

Lastly, we pray that more than the things we can do for you, you will look at what God has already done for you, that you will come to know and live His purpose for you.

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