Easter Sunday at Al Mamzar Beach

The Lord has risen!! Belated Happy Easter to you all.

So finally…

After more than 3 years of working in Dubai, it was my very first time to swim at the famous Al Mamzar Beach.

It wasn’t a planned outing (well, sort of). We planned on going to Al Mamzar the week after to swim, go on a picnic, bond and enjoy, however, since we have a cool Boss and he allowed all Christian staff to go on a half day to celebrate and commemorate this day (little did we know that if we only asked for a holiday a week before, then he could have given us the entire day off), we just decided to go to Al Mamzar that day after work (we went home first to get our things and buy food).

A quick phone call asking for permission to hubby after, then we’re off to the beach…


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 22.04.37 (1)
Groupie in the taxi (someone’s a bit irate because she didn’t see us waiting for her at the lobby)


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 22.04.37
Obligatory Groupie since we just arrived at the beach!!! 🙂


You only need to pay 5 AED for the entrance fee if you’d like to swim in the private part of the beach, but there’s an area on the other side that is open to the public for free (I really don’t know the difference because we all decided to swim and enjoy in the private area since it doesn’t really cost that much).


You may ask, who am I with? well, Let me introduce them to you.

mam main
Ann, Me, Junzen, Jenny, and Aireen (from left to right)

Ann: The “sweet as candy” and oh so innocent and kind lady.

Junzen: Mr. Carlos’ better half, the best sister Zen Zen is so blessed to have (aka the one and only tisay of ligtong).

Jenny: The eldest (by age) but youngest at heart and a loving mother of 2 smart kids.

Aireen: The tough on the outside soft and nice on the inside and soon to be Mrs. Asilo


Proof that we really had fun below:

Pictorial before swimming…


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 17.35.10WhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 17.35.21

See the pictures above? That’s when all four of them decided to swim farther away from the shore and me telling them not to because I’m scared of swimming in deep water… tsk.tsk



This may be before or after we ate and gave Ann our unsolicited pieces of advice about her love life. I won’t go into details since we weren’t really able to grill her into telling us about his beau, she just kept mum and just smiled at us when we ask her about him :(.


We’d love to stay in the water and swim some more but the guards already asked us to leave since it’s almost 7 pm and since some of us still need to go to church to attend mass, we went out of the water, took a shower, changed and left.


Goodbye, for now, Al Mamzar Beach… we shall return.


We weren’t really able to take a lot of pictures of the view on the beach since we were really busy taking a lot of pictures of US.

We didn’t just enjoy at the beach, we were also able to bond and had fun. It was a well-spent half of a holiday indeed.


**Special Thanks to Aireen(our official photographer of the day)

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