Look for a job in Dubai on a tourist visa – part 2


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Did you find the first part of my blog helpful? If you haven’t able to read it yet here is the link for you:

OFW Guide: Look or Search for a job in Dubai on a tourist or visit visa

Once you decided to come here to work and had your relative or friend sponsor you, then the next thing you need to focus on is finding a job that is most suitable to you.

A word of advice, aside from making sure you have enough money to cover your expenses, you also have to make sure that you’ll bring a lot of patience with you coz once frustration hits you, all your efforts, money included might just be wasted.

But do not fret, Kabayans all around the globe are always ready to help. Below are the list of facebook pages, youtube videos, and online job search engines that helped me, my husband, my brother in law and a lot of our fellow kabayans during our job hunt, as an added bonus you might also gain friends who are in the same situation as yours.


Facebook pages

I have great respect to the admins of these pages who selflessly (without expecting anything in return) devote their time (they’re busy working too, you know) managing posts, inquiries, and invitation requests, not to mention handling unruly or pasaway members of the group. They are also doing this for free, how great is that right?

They exemplify the modern version of our well-known value Bayanihan.


About page:

This group is made for all related works, part time searching. As long as we can help our country men.No SCAM, SEX SCANDAL post on this group, give each others post respect. Ask an approval first before you post.No foul comments.

Click the link to visit their FB page https://www.facebook.com/M2MJOBSDUBAI



-Their about page is quite long but I suggest you read it first so you can familiarize yourself with their rules.

Click the link to visit their FB page https://www.facebook.com/m2mjobz/



-About page

This is an Online Community strictly for Filipinos. Connect with us for job placement opportunities in the U.A.E. & other GCC Countries.

Click the link to visit their FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/trabaho4mykabayan2011/?ref=br_rs


Youtube videos


Almost all videos that I watched and asked my husband and brother in law to watch are from his channel. He’s our very own kabayan who, like the admins of the pages above, selflessly  (without expecting anything in return) devote his time to making youtube videos to help our fellow Filipinos to have a glimpse of what OFW life is in Dubai. He is also friendly and still is the humble and jolly Junie Sorsano I’ve talked to in skype a few years ago even though he ranked 95 of the most influential Filipinos in the UAE.

He also sometimes posts job hiring ads on his FB page. And oh, he replies to FB messages too.

Buhay sa Dubai Channel by Junie Sorsano


Online Job search engines


Most kabayans apply online using the below sites:



**Our company uses this as dubizzle charges a fee for companies to post a job ad.



**my husband found his current job from this site.


I hope that it will help you on your journey of finding a job here in Dubai and remember to pay it forward just like what the admins of the pages and videos above did since they all know and were in your situation before too.

Finally, do not forget to PRAY since you cannot control how and when you will get the job you’re longing for.

‘Til next time…

If you missed the the first part of this post then please check the link below:

Look for a job in Dubai on a tourist visa


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