Look for a job in Dubai on a tourist visa



Look for a job in Dubai on a tourist visa

Do you know that there’s around 680,000 Filipinos in the UAE and more than 20% of it live and work in Dubai, and a third of it came here on a tourist or visit visa?

Most of the applicants here in Dubai (all nationalities included) are on tourist or visit visa and came here to search for a job. My husband and brother in law, for example, both came here on a tourist visa and had found a job here too. I, however, went thru the regular process of applying online. I had my interview via skype. And, had all my papers processed in a POEA accredited agency in the Philippines. But,  we’re not gonna talk about my story. Instead, I’ll give you tips on how to come here in Dubai and what you need in order to do so.

Apply for a Visa

If you have a relative working here and already has an emirates Id (it’s their national ID Card). Then he/she can apply for your visa in any travel agencies here in Dubai. Your relative will also be your guarantor. He/She needs to sign the guarantee form on your behalf and submit all the documents the agency requires such as the ff:

  • Your colored passport copy
  • Guarantor’s passport, visa and emirates id (some agencies only requires passport)
  • Yours and your relative’s birth certificate

All documents and signed forms has to be submitted to the agency. They need to pay for the visa processing. Usually, they will ask for a down payment first and then you will pay the remaining balance once your visa is out. The fees are as follows:

Short Term/ 30 days visa : 400 – 600 AED or 5,200 – 7,800 PHP

Short Term/ 30 days visa with ticket : 2,000 – 2,500 AED or 26,000 – 32,500 PHP (depends on the ticket price)

Long Term / 90 days visa :  1,100 – 1,800 AED or 14,300 – 23,000 PHP

Long Term / 90 days visa with ticket : 2,500 – 3,000 AED or 32,500 – 39,000 PHP (depends on the ticket price)

** It only takes 2-3 days to process your visa.

If you do not have a relative in Dubai, but has a friend here then you can ask him/her to apply it for you. The agency will only require your friend’s passport and visa. In order for you to avoid being offloaded. Some of our Kabayans tend to travel to other tourist destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong and China. And then wait for their tourist visa there.The agency will send their e-visa and ticket via email. Our immigration is strict on this, especially if you’re travelling to Dubai on a tourist or visit visa.

Welcome!!! You are now in Dubai, next are the things you also need to think of.



House rents are expensive here in Dubai, if you’re new here then you can choose from renting a bed space, a partition or a room, the rent varies depending on the location.

  • Bedspace

Lower Deck: 750-1000 AED or 9,750-13,000 PHP monthly

Upper Deck: 700-900 AED or 9,100 -11,700 PHP monthly

  • Partition or Curtition(Your divider are curtains hence the name)

1,400-2,500 AED or 18,200-32,500 PHP monthly (rate depends on how big your space is)

  • Room

2,500 – 4000 AED or 32,500 – 52,000 PHP monthly depending on the location as there are cheaper rents near the boundary of Sharjah.

DEWA (Electric & Water Bill)

It depends on how many tenants you’ll share a flat with. For example, in our flat there’s a total of 10 tenants so our monthly bill is split into 10. We are paying around 150 AED per month for Dewa or 1,950 PHP.


Depending on your diet and how much or often you eat, i suggest you prepare at least 600 AED or 7,800 PHP which is around 20 AED or 260 PHP a day.


Metro and Bus Fare Matrix

Since you will look for a job, then your NOL Card (Dubai’s Transpo Card) will be your best friend as it can take you wherever you need to go.

You can purchase a Nol Card for 20 AED or 260 PHP and then just reload it after.

Minimum fare is 3 AED or 36 PHP to a maximum of 7.50 AED or 97.50 PHP, to learn more about NOL fares visit www.nol.ae

My husband and brother in law set aside a budget of around 200 AED or 2,600 PHP a month for this.


We already covered the most important things you need to take care of if you plan to come to Dubai on a tourist or visit visa and search for a job here. So, all in all, I would suggest you prepare around 5,000 to 7,000 AED or 65,000-90,000 PHP as you’ll never know how long it will take you to find a job.

Please also check the part 2 of this post, link provided below:

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I would like to share tips, share youtube videos, facebook groups, and online job search engines that helped me and our fellow Kabayans to find a job in Dubai on my next blog. So I hope you stay tuned for more blogs from me:)


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**Special Thanks to my friend Jun&Jen for the visa info

16 thoughts on “Look for a job in Dubai on a tourist visa

  1. Hi mam,can I buy na Nol even if naa sa philippines pa ako so.pgdating ko.magamit ko na?..where can i buy that

    1. Hi ma angela. Thanks for visiting my page. Unfortunately d2 k lng sa dubai makakabili nun but if you have a friend or a relative here na pwdng bumili para sau then much better para magamit mo na din agad. 🙂

  2. Nice info. I have friends in Dubai too, and I believe they’re having a good time there too. They said their only complain is the Sandstorms and the water could be very hot.

  3. OMG! I didn’t realize that Dubai rent would go that far expensive… Love that your took the time and made this for your readers.. this is such a great help…

  4. I wish I saw your blog post way back! My brother did this, got a tourist visa then used his time to search for a job in Dubai. It was a good thing he found one before the visa expired.

  5. Oh, so expensive! I plan to visit Dubai just for a vacation. Thanks for this I have an idea how much to bring. I will be staying with a friend so accommodations are taken cared of. -katrina centeno

  6. Hi ask ko lang need pa ba ng affidavit of support kung kapatid mo ang kukunin m and sabay nmn kayong babalik ng dubai? Thanks alot for the info 😊😊😊😊

  7. Hello my pinsan ako sa dubai and shes applying for my visa. Risky ba mag direct flight manila to dubai? Anu po ba tips to pass in immigration

    1. Hello JJ. Thanks for dropping by. As long as kumpleto naman ang mga documents mo like birth certificate na nagproprove na relative mo sya,wala namang nagiging problema. Basta be confident pag tinanong ka na ng immigration officer para maging smooth lahat.

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