Which type of OFW are you?


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Which type of OFW are you? There are approximately 10 million OFWs around the world or around 10% of our population, which means 1 out of 10 Filipinos works abroad to provide for their families.

They are  our modern day heroes because of the suffering they have to endure so that their children can go to school. Their families can eat well. Their debts be paid. And, so that they can save enough to come back and live well to the country we all love.

There are plenty of reasons why they decided to work abroad. But one thing is for sure, one of those reasons is because they will earn more abroad than at home. Even though it means that they will miss their kids’ graduation. They will skip meals so they can make ends meet. Work for a few years away from their families to pay off their debts. And, work more because their savings can never be enough to live the way they want.

And although we may have the same reasons. There are different types of OFW or Kabayans you will meet abroad and some of them are:


The Walking Dead

They are our Kabayans who only works. Their usual routine is to wake up-take a bath-eat(optional)-work-go home-eat(again it is optional)-take a bath(sometimes they skip this)-sleep-and repeat. Usually, they are the 1st timers, 1st time being an OFW or it is their 1st time to travel or to go away from home. Sometimes, it is also because of their work schedule, family problems or because they so exhausted at work that the only thing they want to do is to rest or to sleep.

Annie Batungbakal

As the song goes, (sa umaga dispatsadora, sa gabi sya ay bonggang bongga). They are the ones who works hard and party harder. Some of them are like this because it is their way of breaking free from homesickness, financial problems and their problems at work. The only problem is, sometimes it becomes a habit and because of it, their work suffers. They drink or party too much that they are not at work the next day, sadly some of them, even forget the reason why they are away and working hard in the first place.

Mariah Carey (My All)

Our Kabayans who give their all for their families in the Philippines. They will work overtime or get part-time jobs, so that they can send money to their families. I know some of them who only eats egg and rice, instant noodles or only bread for lunch. So that they can save more to send more to their families because they need to pay for their kids’ tuition, pay their debts, food for their families and the list goes on.

The Great Spender

Some OFWs that I met are like this. They get more than what they earn in the Philippines and because of that. They feel that they are entitled to spend their hard earned money on the things they want or were not able to buy before. For them, it is spend now save later only to realize that 3 years or 5 years have passed. And they are still the same broke Juan/Juana who has dreamt of working abroad so that he/she can provide for his/her family. And, save plenty so that he can come back home to live comfortably. Honestly, in my first years of working abroad. I also spend a lot, sometimes more than I can. I also was not able to budget nor manage my finances well. But as years go by. I realized that I did not come here to work and spend but to work and save so I can prepare for our future.


Above are just some of the types of OFWs you will meet abroad. I am actually a combination of the 3 except the Annie Batungbakal type since I like to stay at home than to go out.

So which type of OFW are you? Or have you also met any of those mentioned above?

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